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Service and Warranty

Conditions for cost-effective operation

If you use KAMAZ equipment purchased from us, you will always count on high-quality and prompt service support anywhere in Russia.

Always On the Go

The reliability of vehicles supplied by our Company is provided due not only to the high quality of parts and components, but it also directly depends on timely maintenance of vehicles and the quality of repair works.

RariTEK's service system guarantees each consumer the necessary range of services when purchasing KAMAZ vehicles during the warranty and post-warranty period. We provide conditions for cost-effective operation.

The basis of high-quality service is a combination of modern methods and means of the organization, high qualification, initiative, motivation and responsibility of each employee.

Continuous improvement and development of the service system guarantee maximum compliance of the quality of service with consumers' requirements on new and traditional sales markets of KAMAZ PJSC products.

Warranty Conditions

KAMAZ Public Joint-Stock Company provides the following quality guarantee for any KAMAZ brand automobile equipment (including KAMAZ vehicle chassis as a part of special-purpose equipment from other manufacturers) from the date of its sale by an authorized organization (dealer) to the buyer (owner):

Vehicle model

Warranty conditions

By mileage (km)

By term (months)

KAMAZ EURO-4 trucks of all models (except for KAMAZ - 5460, 6360, 6460, 4308, 5308, 53082)

100 000


KAMAZ EURO – 4 trucks models 5460, 6360, 6460

120 000


KAMAZ EURO – 4 trucks models 4308, 5308, 53082

Without restrictions


KAMAZ EURO-5 truck model 5490

200 000


KAMAZ EURO-5 truck models 65206, 65207, 65802, 6580, 65801, 65806

150 000


ISBe automobile diesel engines produced by CUMMINS KAMA CJSC since January 01, 2017, as a part of KAMAZ trucks.

200 000


Depending on which of circumstances will occur first, provided that requirements, as well as rules for storage, operation and maintenance set out in the Operating Manual and Service Book are met.

The manufacturer makes free elimination of manufacturing malfunctions of sold vehicles and free replacement of all their components that have prematurely failed due to the manufacturer's fault during the warranty period of operation and operating time.

The warranty is supported in any region of Russia and abroad through a branded dealer network, i.e. the warranty service is being provided at dealer (service) centers certified by KAMAZ PJSC during the entire warranty period. The list of certified service centers is available on the website of KAMAZ PJSC in the section Find A Dealer In Your Region.

The warranty obligations of KAMAZ PJSC are fulfilled, provided that:

  • pre-sale preparation has been carried out before the sale of automotive equipment in accordance with the requirements specified in the Service Book;
  • automotive equipment is sold to the buyer (owner) within three years from the date of manufacture;
  • automotive equipment is registered with certified dealer (service) centers, which have carried out all necessary types of maintenance during the warranty period of operation.

Complaints about the quality of KAMAZ vehicles are not subject to review, and claims by the manufacturer are not met in cases of violation of the requirements and recommendations set out in the Operating Manual and Service Book.

Complaints about the quality of special structures and special-purpose equipment are considered and met by the complete set plants in accordance with the technical conditions and operating manuals for special structures (special equipment).

Network of RariTEK’s service centers