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New leasing terms and conditions from RariTE'K's partner companies provide an opportunity to immediately use equipment with reasonable monthly payments. If you want to upgrade your vehicle fleet or to buy a special vehicle without significant financial expenses, we would like to offer you a wide range of programs from the largest leasing companies in Russia — and only on unique terms.

Right now you can save up to 500,000 rubles on each unit of equipment!

All you need is to sign a lease agreement for cargo, passenger or special-purpose vehicles of RariTEK with discounts, without overpayments and on individual terms with one of our partners - Leasing Company.

Advantages of our approach to leasing:

- Partnership agreements with leading leasing companies in the Russian Federation: as a result of productive negotiations, we have concluded exclusive agreements with the largest companies in Russia. This makes it possible to offer you truly favorable terms that will not affect your business.

- An extensive assortment of equipment: any vehicle of KAMAZ PJSC or MAZ OJSC can be issued for long-term financial lease, as well as LOTOS buses produced by RMZ RariTEK LLC (member of RariTEK Holding JSC).

- Flexible terms — leasing terms, frequency and amount of payments are chosen individually taking into account the peculiarities of your business.

- Acceptable requirements: a standard set of documents is sufficient for considering a leasing application.

- Prompt transaction processing: leasing decision and conclusion of a contract takes no more than two business days (depending on the Leasing Company's choice).

We have signed agreements with leading leasing companies in Russia in order to offer you really favorable terms. Check and get assured yourself!




Europlan is a vehicle leasing company that finances the purchase of vehicles on lease for legal entities and individuals and helps to use them comfortably.

Additional services of Europlan for clients include vehicle insurance, registration of vehicles with the traffic police, self-propelled vehicles with state technical supervision authorities; fuel program and assistance program on the road.

Sberbank Leasing Joint-Stock Company (Sberbank Leasing JSC) is one of the largest Russian leasing companies. The company's sole shareholder is Sberbank Rossii PJSC.

The Company is one of the three leaders according to Expert RA's ranking. The credit rating of Expert RA at the level of "A++", i.e. Exceptionally high (highest) level of financial stability.

The Company was established in 2003. It has been a member of Vneshekonombank Group since July 2008

The company's main activities are:

  • leasing of high-tech equipment
  • rolling stock leasing
  • leasing of aircraft equipment and units

KAMAZ PJSC offers you leasing from the manufacturer.

The share of KAMAZ brand leasing market on the general market for leasing trucks of all brands has been increased by 7% from the level of 2014 and has been equal to 48% at the end of the year. The share of KAMAZ Leasing Company JSC on the Russian market for leasing KAMAZ vehicles in 2015 has been increased by 9% compared to the previous year and has been equal to 26%.

The share of KAMAZ LC has been increased by 6% compared to 2014 and has amounted to 13% on the Russian all brands truck leasing market. KAMAZ LC has become the second largest company among Russian leasing companies in the cargo transport field according to Expert Rating Agency's rating.

KAMAZ PJSC offers you leasing from the manufacturer.

Region Leasing company provides a wide range of leasing services (financial lease) throughout Russia: leasing of passenger cars, leasing of cargo and commercial vehicles, leasing of special-purpose equipment, equipment leasing. Leasing services are provided to legal entities engaged in the field of medium and small business companies and individual entrepreneurs.

VTB Leasing JSC is a financial leasing company that offers favorable leasing conditions for legal entities in Moscow and 55 cities of the Russian Federation, as well as in the Republic of Belarus.

The Company is one of the leaders and largest suppliers of leasing services on the market of leasing of railway transport, aircraft, oil and gas equipment.

Gazprombank Leasing is a universal leasing company. It was incorporated in 2003. It is a member of Gazprombank Group of Companies, which unites large companies in the financial sphere, petrochemical industry, engineering and media business.

Today, Gazprombank Leasing holds a leading position on the leasing market and it is among the TOP 10 largest leasing companies in Russia.

Element Leasing was founded as an independent retail leasing company with the Russian capital. Element Leasing was awarded by Expert RA Rating Agency for promoting vehicle leasing in the Russian regions. Element Leasing was awarded a letter of thanks to Kommercheskiye Avtomobili (Commercial Vehicles) – GAZ Group LLC for cooperation in development and implementation of joint financial programs. Element Leasing is the third most famous company in terms of the number of contracts signed in 2010, and 6th popular entity in the segment of vehicle leasing according to ROSLEASING's assessment.

ULC JSC (Universal Leasing Company) is one of the largest regional leasing companies, one of the leaders of the Far Eastern leasing market and the TOP 30 of the country's leasing market. The company was registered on 29.03.2001.

The main goal of the company is to meet customers' need by providing an effective mechanism for updating fixed production assets. Priorities in the policy are to provide services at a high quality level and to unconditionally respect the interests of clients, shareholders, investors and business partners.

BUSINESS ALLIANCE JSC is an independent leasing company that cooperates with both large corporations and small and medium business companies.

  • Portfolio of leasing projects is equal to 29.7 billion rubles;
  • 5th largest company in the volume of large business leasing portfolio for 2017 according to Expert RA's ranking.

The company is a member of the leasing sub-committee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and of LEASING UNION Non-Profit Partnership for Assistance in Developing Leasing Activities.

Tiazhpromleasing is a universal leasing company providing leasing services in compliance with the best terms of any transaction for companies engaged in almost all sectors of the economic sphere.

STONE-XXI is a leasing company with an individual approach to each client!

The main activity is leasing of cars and trucks, special-purpose equipment, equipment and real estate.

Its experience on the market is 18 years.

Its branch network is available in 15 cities of Russia.

The quantity of customers is about 7,300 companies.

GTLK Leasing is a state vehicle leasing company that is one of the leading companies on the Russian leasing services market, a multi-profile leasing company that is among the TOP 5 leasing companies in terms of leasing portfolio and occupies a leading position in aviation and water transport leasing segments.

The company's sole shareholder is the Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

RESO-Leasing LLC is a member of RESO group, a diversified holding company with assets in the areas of insurance, leasing and pension savings management.

The company is cooperating with small and medium-sized business companies and individual entrepreneurs. The leasing of passenger and cargo vehicles, special-purpose equipment for construction and road construction purposes is among the priority areas.

The company has its own extensive sales network, which lets you conduct transactions almost throughout Russia. The company has opened and successfully manages its 33 branches. RESOBelLeasing subsidiary company has been incorporated in the Republic of Belarus.

Raiffeisen-Leasing LLC is a universal leasing company that is part of the largest Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group. Raiffeisen-Leasing LLC was founded by Raiffeisenbank CJSC (50%) and Raiffeisen-Leasing International GmbH (50%) in 2000.

The activities of Raiffeisen-Leasing LLC are aimed at promoting clients' and partners' economic development by providing leasing services that meet high professional and ethical standards for enterprises in various economic areas.

Leasing-Trade Company has been specializing in providing leasing services to any business owners since 2005. We have proved to be a reliable partner within this period who always fulfills its obligations and takes care of its customers' interests. Leasing-Trade’s divisions are represented in six cities of Russia, and the managing office is situated in Kazan.

Leasing of various vehicles makes it possible to save the company's cash capital in order to use it for implementation of business development activities. In addition, a flexible system of corporate discounts, along with availability of special offers, helps you to get the right to use the equipment with a minimum overpayment.

Baltiyskiy Leasing (Baltic Leasing) Group of Companies dominates in the sphere of servicing the supply of motor vehicles, construction equipment and machine-building equipment. Major projects are related to acquisition of railway equipment, equipment for the food industry and woodworking.

Baltiyskiy Leasing Group of Companies attracts financing from leading export credit agencies in Germany, Italy, Finland, France, etc. in order to pay for import contracts. The company has also established partnerships with leading foreign and domestic manufacturers and suppliers. All this lets us offer favorable conditions for acquisition of modern equipment on lease to our clients.

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